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Rescuing, rehabilitating, rearing and releasing Tasmanian native wildlife. Educating, inspiring and raising awareness of our wildlife and the environment.


After completing a degree in zoology, Ange Anderson trained, worked and volunteered in wildlife hospitals in the UK, USA and Australia before settling in Tasmania where she has been working with and voluntarily rehabilitating native wildlife for over 10 years.


After 10 years living in Koonya Ange and Jason now live on 27 acres of bush at Roaring Beach where they are currently building new purpose built facilities to continue the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife from bandicoots to blue-tongues to birds of prey.

We have currently raised $4,600 through donations, fundraising and community grants thanks to our local community, op-shop and council. If anyone has any sheets of corrugated iron, would like to donate some astro-turf for lining perches or help build hospital cages contact


If you would like to learn more about caring for wildlife or setting up as a carer contact Anyone who would like to be involved in building the new enclosures - extra hands are always welcome.

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Latest Project

Newest arrival - juvenile raven - minor wing damage.

Planning to build even bigger and better raptor facilities than previous property at Koonya which housed 6 Brown falcons, 2 White-bellied sea eagles, 7 Swamp harriers, 1 Wedge-tailed eagle, 2 Grey goshawks, 2 Peregrine falcons, 6 Boobook Owls and 8 Tawny frogmouths over the years.

Male ringtail now weighs 500g and due for release this week

Ange determined to sit down and read instructions on remote sensor camera to film ringtail release!

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